Other Services

These services are provided in addition to managing your day-to-day real estate needs

Residential Investor Counseling


Purchasing residential real estate for use as rental property is a great way to diversify your investment portfolio!   I have many years of experience purchasing residential investment properties personally and for numerous investors.  Whether you are purchasing your first rental property or you are a seasoned real estate investor, I can help you through this complex process and ensure you get the right property to meet your objectives!

I work with many investor clients who have successfully built and continue to build their residential real estate portfolios with my expertise and guidance.  I will begin the purchase process ensuring that I have thorough understanding of your investment goals and objectives.  We will discuss your specific expectations with regard to return on investment.  I will then present to you a custom plan to achieve those objectives in the local market and to meet your time frame.  To best utilize your hard earned funds and minimize your capital expenditure, I will present to you various residential investment financing options and preferred lenders.  I will present to you a list available properties that from my market knowledge and experience will meet your investment objectives.  Once we select a property or properties, I will negotiate a great purchase price for you!  I will then work diligently with the title company and lender to ensure your investment property will close on time such that we can get it on the market quickly and begin achieving a return on your investment!  Whether you plan to purchase one rental property or ten, we will make it happen!   If you would like to discuss investing or are ready to invest, please contact me today!

Residential Property Management


Many landlords choose to have a property manager take care of the day to day management of their investment properties.  Many landlords simply just do not have the time or possibly even interest in the routine responsibilities required of their investment properties.  I have for many years managed residential rental property for many of my investor clients.  Services that I provide include listing and showing your property to prospective tenants, coordinating maintenance and repairs, and working with rental cash flows.

Allowing a property manager to take on these duties allows the investor more time to focus on other opportunities and more time with family and their personal lives!  To further discuss how I may help you manage your properties, please feel free to contact me.

Property Tax Dispute


I have many years of experience successfully disputing county property tax assessments.  My disputes typically result in a reduced property tax burden for my clients.  The first step is for us to review your recent annual county tax assessment and determine the probability of a successful dispute.  If all looks promising, I will do my research, prepare required supporting data, and then present to the appropriate county office.

I will then do my best to negotiate a lower tax for you.  I have a very successful track record!  If you would like my help with disputing your property tax, please contact me.



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